dDLeFoU Limited is Partner of Seazon Pacific Limited, a Hong Kong based apparel company that provides innovative supply chain management solutions to our customers. www.seasonpacific.com

We offer a comprehensive range of services ranging from technical solutions, research, and product development to sourcing and production management and quality control services for clients based all over the world. 

We serve a diverse range of customers and brands —from those that have only purchasing offices in Hong Kong to customers whose comprehensive operations are located overseas, and from customers with private labels to those with mass market international brands. Our customers are located in Europe, Saudi Arabia, Israel, U.S., Mexico and Australia.

Our Services

Bringing professionalism and reliability to the manufacturing process is a cornerstone of our business.  From start to finish, we oversee the entire manufacturing process to ensure quality, efficiency, and ethical sourcing. We'll create a customised supply chain to produce your product, which means working with the right factory, overseeing on-site quality control, and providing efficient logistics solutions. 



Our in-house creative department can help you refine your ideas, work with factories to improve an existing product, or develop a new item entirely.



Our longstanding relationships with established apparel manufacturers give us a negotiating edge, which ensures that competitive pricing does not come at the cost of high quality. Our staff are trained to inspect all raw materials from our suppliers to ensure the highest quality before moving on to the production phase. Our commitment to ethical sourcing also means we make sure that how we make something is as good as what we make. 


Our quality control is conducted by our own staff, with regular visits our third-party manufacturers. We've implemented strict control measures for the selection of our manufacturers and suppliers, who are required to undergo a vetting process to ensure that their operations are not only in compliance with local regulations, but with international manufacturing guidelines and practices. We consider their experience in the apparel industry, reputation, technical capabilities, financial strength, production capacity, quality control effectiveness, ethical practices and past record of compliance with applicable standards for apparel products.


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