Gianluca Catra Rocks!
Italy based Dj from Sicily
and more ...
Gianluca Catra 
was born in Catania, Sicily. 
cultivate his musical experiences since his early age of 13 years old attending the most coveted parties of the island.
at the age of his 15 years old, after having learned and practiced the environment, began a continuous increase of its collaborations.
being him ambitious and musical, exhibit his sets on local radio stations thereby reaching out to a wider audience. 
having him learned and practiced the music scene, he had active collaborations with the DJs and the groups most important of the island.
He is known for the legendary power on his DJ sets, his charisma and a careful mixing technique, but especially for his compelling musical selections. 
The rhythmic sensitivity and technical talent led the to be at the forefront between the top DJs on the world stage, and his achievements are a result of performance occurred in the best clubs and parties in the world that led him to collaborate with different names on the international scene as Dubfire, John Digweed, Josh Wink, Valentino Kanzyani, Tim Green.
also numerous collaborations in radio among which m2o (Italy), Proton Radio (United Kingdom), Castle Club Radio (Cyprus), Radio Deea (Romania), Ibiza Global Radio (Spain).
In the year 2012 the desire to create his own sound becomes uncontrollable each day more and he made his first records productions, he continued to work hard and reached important productions. releasing countless Track And Remix on over 100 record label of all the world He he cooperates with several labels as Kolour Recordings (New York) of KiNK, Pacha Recordings (Spain), Jango Music (France), Blaq Records (Mexico), Soulman Music (Uruguay), and he was remixed from artists as Loud Neighbor (True Type), Afroboogie (Defected), Greg Bouvin (Tomorrowland), Giusy Consoli (G Party Folies), Luca Bortolo (Catwash Records) and many others who have taken him to be in large rise in world charts, getting positive feedback from artists as Erick Morillo, Marco Carola, Jamie Jones, Troy Pierce, 7th District Inc. that plays and support his tracks.

in the same year is appointed of as one of the top 100 italian djs at ranking #25 remaining in top in next years which 2013, '14 '15 at ranking #35, #70, #71 become one dj Popular in europe, watched by the rest of the world. with one objective - smash the dance floor.

Pacha Recordings, Kunststoff Fernseher, Minar Records, Doppelgaenger, Pantamuzik, Zero Urban Records, Ampispazi Recordings, Anfrix Records, Animals Muziq Recordings, Eye Records, Houzier, Kolour Recordings, Musique Unique, Popart Music, Proper Slap Limited, Tempura Records, Wizz Records, 136 Grad Recordings, Back Records, Baroque Digital, Baroque Limited Records, Baroque Records, Blaq Records, Budenzauber, City Life, Click Muziq Recordings, CrackHouse Recordings, Dash Deep Records, Dear Deer Black, Delude Records, Diametral, Diva Records, Eisenwaren, Fever Sound Records, Future Sonic Media, HEAVY, High Pro-File Recordings, Islas Baleares, Kiko Records, Le Bien Et Le Mal Recordings, Love In Space Rec, Maintain Replay Records, Mareba Music, Metropolitan Recordings, FQOTO Records, Midnight Trax, Monique Chronique, Mood Indigo, On Air, Our Thing Music, 
Soulman Music, Underground, White Label Recordings, Yellowjax Recordings, minim.all, Dlimited, Picknik Recordings, Overdrive Musik, Kimbo Records, Select Case, Prison Entertainment, Seta Label, Ibiza Music, Zero Urban Records Digital, Jango Music, Re:vibe Music, Audio Esperanto Recordings, Tretmuehle, Recovery Tech, Apple Music, Music Is The Answer, Codein Music, Recovery House, Club Session, Catslovebass, House Of House, Sciencehouse, Primate, Kubic Records, Wasabi Recordings, Noexcuse Records, Musicheads Lounge, Family Grooves, City Life, Complex Textures, Happy Techno, Reward Records, Jango Replay, ERIJO, City Noises, Cibi Caldi Records, HeyDude Rec, Bosom, Collective Music, Natural Rhythm, Natura Viva Black, Groove Nation, Basswalk Records, Street King, Eightball Records, Club Cuts, Aula Records, MINOO Records, Play My Track Recordings, RH2, Variety Music, King Street Sounds, Café del Mar Music

Giusy Consoli, Enrico Ruini, Moosbach, Luca Albano, Flora Päär, Signal Deluxe, Rubinskee, Jonzz, Loz Goddard, Luca Bortolo, Paul Cart, Alex Marcu, Loud Neighbor, Renoa, Whim-ee, Mabaan Soul, Lila D, Pompili, Helen Brown, Luis Bertman, Tony Matt, Emiliano Martini, Red Pig Flower, Afroboogie, Philip Jo, Dejvid Kavazovic, Dany T, Borodin, Jason Davies, Cyberx, Luis Bravo, Oscar P, Devys Savoia, Piyada, Greg Bouvin, Edomite, Alvaro Muñoz, Sebastian Barsch, Alexander Saykov, James Benedict, Jiggx, Nick Morris, Dave Scott, Angel Heredia, Hotmân, Dubphone, Darkrow, Deetech, Tommy Fly

Mosquito (Catania), Room26 (Roma), Pacha (Mallorca), Puikkari Kuopio (Finland), Villa Papete (Palermo), Afrobar (Catania), Le Jardin (Milano), Fiera (Como), DC Revolution (Bucarest), Marabù (Messina), Excet (Sweden), The Beach Club (Milano), Meridien (Taormina), Paparazzi (Palermo), Il Capannone (Catania), Hollywood (Milano), Silver (Marrakesh), Limelight (Milano), Funky Buddha (London), Bora Bora (Ibiza), Valle dei Pini (Caltanissetta), Hafen 2 (Germany), Boomerang (Mallorca), Miami (Milano), Jim Beam (Bulgaria), Jumpin Jaks (Mallorca), Classic Club (Rimini), Play Night Club (Ukraine), Gilda (Roma), Disco 311 (Lituania), Dash Club (Malta), Paradise Club (Varese), Arenile (Napoli), Bacanal (Formentera), Costes (Firenze) , Club Prime (Amsterdam), F club (Greece), Cesar Place (France), Klubi Turku (Finland), Club Alfândega (Portugal) Sporting Club (Terontola) Ötkert (Budapest)

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