Asian Girls VS Western Girls


I’ve chosen a topic that doesn’t really focus on fashion but let's say it’s like an “outfit” that’s the main feature. I want to talk about Western men and women living in Asia. Ninety percent of Western men who move to Asia are crazy about Asians; after a few months or years some even start to be attracted to them exclusively, in expat slang they have "yellow fever". Western women suffer somewhat as they’re not particularly attracted to Asian men, let’s say that just hooking up or getting it on bunga bunga-style is not really the norm. To help people better understand I’ll briefly describe the difference between "some" Western women and oriental women.
Western women usually have a strong personality that tends to show off a slightly aggressive attitude, and a rather practical look: they often wear gym shoes or low heels even when going out at night. Sometimes the look is masculine and in any case the point is to show off her so-called "balls". She criticizes Asian women a lot by describing them as stupid, superficial dolls that are too caught up with their nails and ultra-feminine appearances. At the same time they criticize the men who chase after Asian women, calling them soft and accusing them of being frightened by strong women, likening them to dogs running after easy prey.
Asian women: always well-groomed, always perfect nails and make-up, shy, submissive, kind and willing to help. They do everything possible to be extremely feminine and attractive. I’ve found that especially in China most of the managers of companies are women, that they are in control of the family finances, and generally if you happen to see an Asian couple arguing in the street, he will have his head down and she will be the one slapping him. So basically women that don’t feel the need to flaunt their “balls” or power, but rather, enjoy playing with their femininity!
My opinion is: stop deluding yourselves that men are afraid of strong women. Men like womanliness, that’s all. And Asian women understand that they can take care of their appearances to the extreme and play the submissive lovers, but won’t lose their "balls" and they’ll get as much bunga bunga as they want. Obviously my observation is generic and superficial, and has come to light after talking about this with lots of friends, both Asian and not. Take it lightly and above all comment.


Ho scelto un argomento che poco centra con la moda ma diciamo che l’ outfit in parte ne è protagonista. Esprimo un mio parere su uomini e donne occidentali che vivono in Asia. Il 90% degli uomini occidentali che si trasferiscono in Asia vanno pazzi per le asiatiche, addirittura alcuni dopo pochi mesi o anni iniziano ad essere attratti esclusivamente da loro, in slang expat “febbre gialla”. Le donne occidentali soffrono di questo non essendo particolarnente attratte dagli uomini asiatici, diciamo che fidanzarsi oppure solamente sfogarsi con un po’ di bunga bunga, diventa davvero difficile. Per far capire meglio vi descrivo in poche parole la differenza tra “alcune” donne occidentali e donne orientali.

La Donna Occidentale: di solito è di carattere forte, che tende ad ostentare con un po’ di aggressività, look piuttosto pratico e spesso con scarpa ginnica o comunque bassa anche per uscire la sera. A volte mascolina e comunque col suo look e appeal ostenta di avere le cosiddette “palle”. Critica molto le orientali descrivendole delle bamboline stupide o superficiali troppo attente a rifarsi le unghie e decorarsi per apparire femminilissime. Allo stesso tempo lei critica anche gli uomini che corrono dietro alle orientali definendoli dei rammolliti, impauriti dalle donne forti e cagnolini in corsa dietro alle prede facili per sentirsi dominanti.

La Donna Asiatica: sempre curatissima, unghie e trucco sempre perfetti, atteggiamento timido e remissivo, modi gentili e servizievoli e fa di tutto per essere estremamente femminile. Ho scoperto che in Cina, in particolare, la maggior parte dei manager o dirigenti di aziende sono donne, in famiglia controllano e gestiscono il denaro e in genere se capita di vedere litigare una coppia asiatica per strada, lui testa bassa e lei che lo schiaffeggia. Quindi Donna che non sente la necessita di ostentare le sue “palle” ma le ha e le sa usare molto bene.

Il mio parere e consiglio per le Donne bianche è quello di smettere di illudersi che gli uomini siano impauriti dalle donne forti, balle, all’uomo piace la “Femmina” punto. Le Asiatiche l’hanno capito che giocando con la propria femminilità, curandosi all’estremo e atteggiandosi ad amanti remissive, le “palle” non te le toglie nessuno e poi bunga bunga a non finire. Ovviamente la mia osservazione è generica e superficiale, partorita dopo aver parlato di questo con molti amici e amiche asiatici e non. Prendetela in modo leggero e soprattutto commentate.


gypsy west:

I spent two years with the Navy in Japan in the fifties.. I like the culture they’re clean they take care of themselves….the cities are clean they don’t tolerate litter… Oriental women take care of themselves,
they’re not fat,overweight, or sloppy… piercings or exposed tattoos, they care what they look like… the Oriental women take pride in their dress and looks, they’re neat with clean looking makeup…..
Most all have gone to college have an education….Some have started their own
businesses or have continue the family business learned from their parents when the folks retired….. they are family orientated, they adhere to the family values and traditions….. You don’t find that in the familys here in the states any more…most of the single broads want everything handed to them or they’ll marry (if they can) into money….I’m saying this from experience…
One marriage (walked out) and two girlfriends (cheaters), two half sisters (stole a inheritance ), blood sister, (a bitch) that’s the reason I’m going to the Orient to find a real woman, not a stealing conniving,
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ fill in the blanks….

Jul 31, 2019

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